Everyone's story is different. We might not have the same story, but we might share some similarities or experiences. This road is a very difficult path to travel, and I want to share my life story.

 People are always being told: "You are not alone."
 "Well, THANKS. That's only the fifth time I've heard that today."
  At the end of the day, with my roller coaster of a story, I hope to really bring "you are not alone" into light (or at the very least understand that everyone is going through something).

Hair Pulling

8/17/18 -- How could you help with your kid’s hair pulling problems? I have many accounts on how to help stop Trichotillomania, including my very own. When I was younger I was diagnosed with Trichotillomania and ADHD. It took me almost ____ years to stop pulling my hair, completely. Now because of the many people in my life that had helped me when I was younger, I can now say thanks to them for always being there for me.

Simple Steps and Rules-

  • What I found was amazing was that just my parents pushing me through thick and thin had helped me(in a way)

  • We made a shirt for me to go to bed in EVERY night, it was a long sleeve shirt with little mittens on the end

  • We always had extra mittens around the house, if my parents saw me start pulling my hair they’d tell me to put on my mittens

  • Another thing with the mittens, I HATED them, so when I had them on it was like a punishment but to not have the mittens on, I wasn’t aloud pull on my hair(I became determined)

When I still had problems with Trichotillomania, I felt very unhappy and frustrated that I couldn’t do one simple thing, stop pulling my hair. I even remember once when I had no hair I was on the slide at a playground, getting ready to go down into the fluffy white sand at the bottom, this little boy behind me yelled at me about something to do with me going down the slide. When he was yelling at me he referred to me as a “boy”. Just to let you know, i'm a girl.

Once I got older and I didn’t pull my hair anymore, I felt way better about myself. I feel happy knowing that I have beautiful long hair. If my Trichotillomania was put off with something like, “she’ll grow out of it”, no. No. NO. NO! Don’t put it off, because if my family had put if off I would have most likely been bullied for YEARS!!!! No one wants that. Deal with Trichotillomania in the face! Later on Trichotillomania kind of branches off into other things like picking your face, picking your skin, and even to biting your nails (only if your child had sucked her/his thumb), this happened to me. I’m not proud of it, but what I am proud of is going through the hard times and learning from them.

In the years to come I came to understand the simple joys in life. For me this was being able to say “Hey! I have amazing hair!” To be honest, to overcome something big like how I did can make anyone feel proud of themselves. Another thing you could do for anyone with Trichotillomania is to constantly remind them and help them in every way you can. One thing you can do is to keep whoever has Trichotillomania active and don’t give them time to pull their hair.

Her name is Ms.Froggy, she did and still does help me with many things like when i’m upset or when I’m stressed. My cat is more than a pet, she’s my friend, she’s my baby. She’s a kind caring animal willing to come when needed. Something that kinda helped me was my cat.

I’ve always wanted to grow my hair and have it be long. After all it took mot of my life to grow it. Who needs trophies to show they won a battle? I got memories, facts, and knowledge. What more do you need? Happiness, that's what. I was only truly happy about how I look once my hair started to grow. I started to do more things like soccer.